Legally Blonde – the musical

Continuing in this opening week for a variety of different performance genres, Thursday’s ticket was for a Moxy B production of Legally Blonde the Musical, at the Westbury Theatre.  The director was Marion Brenner, a drama teacher at Ross Sheppard Senior High.

It’s a lightweight upbeat show with some very catchy songs – I still have “Omigod you guys!” stuck in my head a day later – some funny lines, and a satisfying happy ending.  The strongest singers and actors in the cast were Emily Smith particularly in the role as Paulette the Boston hairstylist who dreams of Ireland, Brooklyn Rowe (the main character Elle), Aaron Schaan as Emmet the law-school TA of working-class background, and Elise Dextrase (Brooke the accused in the murder trial, Pilar the sorority sister).  And Scott Boerefyn was hilarious in the small role of the UPS Guy.

The music was recorded, and sometimes distractingly loud.

There’s one more show, Saturday night.

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