Permanent records of ephemeral pleasures

I’m that person sitting by myself but sharing a group experience, at the table for one, in the seat in the second row, and at the cautious edge of the mosh pit.  I can throw myself into the sensations of the moment, but usually I’m also photographing it on my phone, tweeting about it, and imagining how I’d describe it to people who aren’t there.  Or I might be knitting a sock (but not during an indoor live show!) I love trying out the various events and entertainments of Edmonton, and I tend to be serially or cyclically obsessive about my interests.

Things that might get mentioned here:  Fringe theatre, other theatre, Folkfest, live indie rock concerts, mainstream movies, cheap eats, not so cheap eats, truck food, ale on draft and the places that serve it well, other festivals of Edmonton and excursions elsewhere.

My contributions to making things in Edmonton, so far, include writing, knitting, quilting, performing improv theatre, teaching and advising young people, growing tomatoes in pots, and taking pictures.

1 thought on “Permanent records of ephemeral pleasures

  1. Lucy Haines

    Can you be in touch, re: St. Albert theatre troupe latest show, Lafferty’s Wake, on April 23-May 9 . please come see!


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